Amber Incense Sticks
100 Stick Bundles

All of our amber incense sticks are dipped fresh to order and soaked in 100% pure amber oil for no less than 24 hours to offer you the best aroma possible. Be sure to check out our other sticks we have more than 85 scents to choose from.

It have taken us 7 years of search through many chemist and fragrance manufactuers to locate our brand of Amber fragrance. It happens to be a inferior note which is commonly used in many candles and perfumes. It gives an elegant yet dominant and warm notes including sandalwood and part patchouli.

Amber blends nicely with Musk, Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose and Sandalwood

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Amber Incense

20 Sticks $1.00

100 Sticks $4.25

300 Sticks in Bulk $8.97

Our incese sticks are 11 inches long and burns for 1 hour.

Incense Safety and Precautions