Can’t Hold Down Water

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“Normally, roots can absorb oxygen because the gas filters down through the soil, but when the soil is full of water, the oxygen can’t get through … Clay in soil always tends to hold water and …

Feb 07, 2011  · All of a sudden I can’t even keep Water down. I have not been able to eat really anything for 3 days. Had 2 small bites of Pasta today and made myself hold it down. I felt really sick as soon as the water or food is swallowed. Feels better if I throw up . I will call the doctor on Monday, but I am so worried somthing is wrong.

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How to Treat a Child Who Can't Keep Food Down A oft-repeated water vapor myth is that warm air can “hold” more water vapor than cool air because as the air warms … But, saying cold air can’t hold as much water vapor as warmer air is at best a …

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Dear Reader, It depends on what is causing your inability to keep anything down. While a common cause is a gastrointestinal virus, without a diagnosis from a health care provider, it is possible that your constant upheaval could be caused by multiple things: food poisoning, a migraine, motion sickness, recent exposure to general anesthesia, rotavirus, and alcohol use, to name a few.

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Jan 25, 2014  · I’m afraid to try juice or water. I’ve been drinking sweet tea but that came up too. … Best way to replace fluids if you can’t keep anything down? … You need to be very careful because you can easily get very dehydrated if you are unable to keep down any fluids. Try the popsicle and ice cubes approach mentioned by R1. by Anonymous: reply 2:

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