Elderly Home Safety Checklist

Senior Safety and Fall Prevention In recognition of National Safety Month, the Home Instead Senior Care office serving Blount, Loudon, Monroe and McMinn counties, is offering a free home safety checklist for area seniors and their …

A smart home can help your parents age in place. making modifications around the home is an important and necessary step to ensure safety for adults aging in place, but sometimes it may not be enough to make a home safe for the elderly—or bring peace of mind to loved ones.

While many families take steps to help an older loved one prepare their home for winter … it’s important to complete a winter readiness check. senior drivers & Winter Weather: A car safety checklist

HOME SAFETY CHECKLIST Each Home Instead Senior Care® JVERGLMWI SJ½GI MW MRHITIRHIRXP] S[rih erh stivexih otes F Do throw rugs create a tripping hazard? Is the carpet torn? (1) F Is the room cluttered with clothing, magazines,

There are Room-by-Room checklists for the elderly or older adult and one for children. There are checklists for home maintenance & emergency preparedness. It is recommended you contact a licensed professional in home maintenance in the area of needed repairs or inspection before trying yourself for your safety and the safety of others in your home.

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Having an elderly home safety checklist is perfect way to assess living spaces for seniors and it can determine what type of potential hazards that there can be. Injuries and falls can happen in any room. The most common places are stairs and bathrooms, but there can be hazards in every room. It …

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If you are a caregiver concerned about the safety of your house or your parents’ house, Jewish Family Service is one of several organizations around San Diego County that provide free minor home …

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