Swedish Word For Grandmother

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Why should it? It is nothing more than the word for a small compartment such as a pocket on a rucksack or a pigeon hole. A friend once told us the story of her Swedish grandmother who tried to buy a …

Grandma (fathers side) – Farmor Grandma (mothers side) – Mormor. Swedish has one word for the mothers side grandma and another for the fathers side.

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How to say grandmother in Swedish What’s the Swedish word for grandmother? Here’s a list of translations. Swedish Translation. mormor. More Swedish words for grandmother. mormor noun: grandma, granny, grandmamma, grannie, gran: farmor noun: grandma, granny, grandmamma, grannie, gran:

Swedish Words Ep 4: Grandmother and Grandfather! The swedish translation for grandmother is Mormor The word grandmother has been in use since the 15th century. ‘granmother’ is Polish means ‘babcia’. There are two answers farmor means fathers Mother (grandmother on the fathers side) and Mormor means Mothers Mother (grandmother on the mothers side) so it depends on whom you… are talking about.

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