What Does Fan Mean In Swedish

Swedish profanity. In general, knull (a) along with genitalia slang words kuk "cock" and fitta "cunt" are the most offensive single words. By contrast, most of the traditional religious profanities are not considered very offensive today; this is in line with Sweden ‘s long-standing secularism .

LEARN SWEDISH SWEARWORDS Thousands of fans will watch the final on giant … singing for Estonia, is actually Swedish. He has a Bryan Adams look and …

Translation for ‘fan’ in the free english-swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations.

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Oct 28, 2011  · This list is of seven Swedish words do not mean the same thing in the English language, known as “false friends”. If you translate the word as what you hear, you’d be in for a treat. And since this is the first post in the series, I say screw it, let’s do sju instead of fem.

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